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Top 5 Animal Totems

Wolf Totem | Bear Totem | Hawk Totem | Eagle Totem | Fox Totem

Insect Totem Animals

insect totems Dragonfly | Spider | Moth | Lady Bug | Honey Bee

While they may seem small, insect totems carry powerful meanings! If you keep seeing the same insect over and over, there is probably a message being delivered to you.

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Aquatic Totem Animals

aquatic totems Dolphin | Shark | Salmon | Fish | Turtle

The beauty of aquatic animals is exquisite and unique, as are those who carry these totems. Just because your totem is an aquatic animal, doesn’t mean you have to enjoy the water. It may be that this totem animal has something to teach you so you can grow further in your life.

Fierce Totem Animals

fierce animals Tiger | Lion | Bear | Wolf

Fierce animals are very popular totems, because they carry such passion in their message. If a fierce totem has entered your life, be sure to pay special attention to its meaning. These are totems that can easily spin out of control in the wrong situations. Sometimes the shyest have fierce totems.

Cute Totem Animals

cute animals Rabbit | Cat | Monkey | Giraffe

Who can’t say “awww” to these totem animals? Don’t forget that cute animals carry just as much meaning as any other totem, so pay close attention when one of these cute, fuzzy, creatures enters your life.